Puppet Theatre Wales
About Us
Puppet Theatre Wales is a touring company, presenting a wide variety of educational and entertaining productions to nursery and primary school audiences throughout Wales and beyond. We also perform at festivals, art and community centres, and small theatre venues.

We aim to provide a rich, valuable and unforgettable early experience of live theatre through the powerful medium of puppetry. Our exciting and unique puppet theatre integrates actors, musicians and handcrafted rod and hand puppets, with visually delightful and enchanting tales written especially for specific age groups.

These imaginative and interactive presentations are created and inspired by the need to engage our young audiences with topics and issues which are relevant to them, alongside curriculum-based areas of learning. We also hope to inspire and stimulate follow-on work, in which pupils may become involved themselves in the artistic, imaginative and creative process of puppet making and storytelling.

We offer productions through the medium of English and Welsh.

Writer and director Helyn Latimer, was trained at the Birmingham School of Speech Training and Dramatic Art, and also with the Sherman Arena Company (Post Graduate Theatre Studies course) in Cardiff. She has over twenty years of experience working as an actress, musician and puppeteer and has also trained as a primary school teacher.  As a puppeteer she also works as part of the artistic and creative team with Welsh National Opera MAX and Community Music Wales.


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